A panoramic tour through HTML5 rendering itself

This fall I gave a talk at JSConf EU about my journey developing rasterizeHTML.js and now the video finally is out, yay! The guys have done a really good job at recording both actual talk and slides.

In the talk I cover my motivation behind developing the “prollyfill” and describe the techniques used to work around the security and stability issues imposed by the browsers. I hope some of the fun I had developing the project is expressed in the talk.

A few weeks later some of the content is already outdated. One big change is that I managed to fix the worst HTML to XHTML conversion issues. I just released xmlserializer a pure JavaScript implementation to replace the built-in window.XMLSerializer of the browser, which has serious limitations and wasn’t able to convert some of the major parts of the documents. I can now render pages like twitter.com or flickr.com and up to 4 MB of HTML, JS & CSS is converted on the flow by the library. Even the old Monster Madness website recently re-discovered on Hacker News now more than 15 years old renders fine (sadly the site was taken down last week, but I’ll keep the local copy I made for future generations to see 🙂 ).